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John Eden sends me this, being a bit coy about details, but nothing to do with him personally, apparently. It seems vaguely Edenic in it’s vision tho, being all dystopic Industrial subversive occultic blackness with the samizdat typewriters & the PO Boxes etc, ha ha. Beyond that I’m still totally in WTF mode, to be honest. The first track I put on “BLACKWALL TUNNEL DRIVE” kicked off like perfect minimal electronic black grunge like Shitcluster with the last residual funk drained out it, and I thought for a cold sweaty moment some uncut stuff was going to change my head forever, like all slop-fed miserable junkies do, especially since it’s pressed at 33.3 to fit 9 songs on & it’s DEDICATED TO ANYONE DRIVEN MENTAL BY CONSENSUS REALITY. When I die my job in hell will be to write blurb for Boomkat while Libby Purves and Justin Webb chivvy me along and I suppose given this task at that point I’d be gurgling about a Nate Young/Hype Williams collab being produced by Damon Edge in a horrible perpetual East German early 80s winter, and only Nathan Barley would believe me. I’m not really into clever things myself, but the palette is spot-on in its cold-distorted-metal-in-warehouse colours, which they say/he says/she says they get from ATARI/VUVUZELA/E.V.P! Beautifully detuned and masterful reverb, good use of the stereo field. Whole thing hangs together perfectly with the collaged quality of a good zine. It makes me a bit suspicious, but then I quite like being teased. The record is better than this megamix, I would say, and cheerlessly cheap at £5 including p&p!

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Precious little point looking for a new Eden when there’s good old John niceing up the webz inna blog style since the FIRST WAVE of classic 2003 UK blogging. Sorry, just being a bit silly cos I warm to John because he has the decency to be taller than me and because to me he represents what Britain is really all about i.e. reggae, Socialism and Psychic TV. Anyway he gave me a sort of double Pete Um live/Can’t Get Started review and I’m grateful. I will quote the Pete Um bit here for my own obsessive archival compulsions but do click the above link so you can read about the don Mark Fell and the carpets and so on.

Pete UM – Can’t Get Started (GRIST 10″)

Another recent gig was the Cambridge Freakz/Exotic Pylon lash up, and bloody great it was too. Pete UM has been around Dissensus for yonks but I’d not really checked his stuff out. So it was very nice of him to travel to a few bus stops away from my new flat and perform for me with a bunch of his mates.

UM does odd little poems/songs/spoken word pieces over electronic backing. They are all short and not like anything else I am aware of. Very “characterful” (I’m resisting saying “quirky” because it’s all very deadpan rather than [ugh!] wacky – and quite right too). Live, he seems very accomplished and at home with his material, whilst being completely ill at ease with the rest of the world. I like that.

I got this 17 track 10″ EP off him at the end of the gig. There was an awkward moment where he wanted to hand it over and I wanted to give him some money. But neither of us is loaded, so what we really wanted was tainted by capitalist relations. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

This is a lovely DIY release with lots of inserts including pink one which describes the unfortunate tale of the project’s creation. Even after that woeful episode had been completed, half of the pressing was lost by the courier en route to UM Towers.

On the pink insert it says “Don’t buy vinyl to support the industry, or the artist. Buy it because you fucking love it”. That’s almost what happened between us that night at The Vortex.

Pete is all over the net but I have yet to find any clue as to how you would get hold of this record. Maybe start here.

When he says here he means here innit.