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Sunglasses For The Visionary   Leave a comment

Rejected a lot of bad puns for the title of this post before deciding to use the name of the actual event. Why not, right?


Feels like an exciting gig, although I’m sure I’ve played with some of this lot before. Very pleased to have the Woebot (DJ) onboard. If he thinks he isn’t going to have me and Dave standing at the booth like question-asking twits he’s probably mistaken. Big up Jonny Mugwump – looking forward to it!

Hacker Farm in The Vortex   Leave a comment

I’m conscious that I might say something that is unintentionally insulting in some way but what I like about this, and it’s also something I find present in Ekoplekz’s stuff, is its unpretentiousness. There’s a kind of heritage to it, but it’s not something that’s just copped or aped. It’s a felt thing, part of these guys’ cultural DNA. It comes of being old, ha ha, and being old enough.

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Fix up, look sharp.   Leave a comment


A long overdue entry on this:

Chin17: Pete Um “Look Sharp! and hear the difference”

My old pal Ergs has been good enough to compile a selection of my tape-bothering efforts over the years, some of that shit being late 90s I suppose. Nice to get it heard after all this time so I am grateful to the tireless work of the aforementioned E. Phizmiz for squeezing it in a different way and also to Muggers here for spreading the word…