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Hope Kek doesn’t mind me shortcutting the conceptual purity of the original thang but if Jo Mouse gets any fatter she’ll have that baby and we always have to mumble Kubin’s mantra:





I had this dream the other night that Kek put on a No-Wave fest in Yeovil called No-Ville. I actually did.

Thanks again man.

He’s here:

and elsewhere too. Has great ears, I like to think, and always ahead of a curve you haven’t even heard about.

And in case you can’t see that, because I barely can:



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Powered by paper lol   1 comment

Ha ha, genius. Kid Shirt’s done an analogue blog

And there’s me spending ages feeling foolish as I try and work out if you can cut text from it 🙂

As I’ve said before when I first met Miss Hawaii he said “my character…is shame”, which me and Bobby always use, because we always have use of it. Johnny Loathsome once referred to a mutual acquaintance as being “stuck in a cave”, which he had some knowledge of, and sometimes I feel the walls round here getting kinda cold and damp, like today for instance. Anyway I don’t feel I deserve Kek’s words, or that album doesn’t deserve those words, and as many of them too. He’s such a dude.

Whole thing is a great read too. Even reading it as a pdf on a monitor does seem qualitatively different somehow, and jars with yr perceptual processes. The Libbe Matz Gang thing is a great interview too.

Right, must…move…towards…the light…