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L’etranger, every possible Tuesday, 21h-22h (CET), Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels.

Scrambling radio art/art of radio, social imaginary significations, collective fictional spaces, post-economic music, queer diasporas…

A relational outbust of Kosten Koper.

Show #207, 4th January 2011

This week, heavily featured material sent to L’etranger by Richard Crow (The Institution of ROT): an inter-disciplinary artist with a strong background in experimental audio work, photo based media, live performance and site-specific installation.

Played was the sound of Nick Coudry, Michael Hartman, Meryll Hardt, Reins DâAngleterre, TV Pow, Legless Cripple, Agnivolok, As Seen On TV, The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu, John Oswald, Kosten Koper, Tomas Korber / Ralf Wehowsky, Henri Pyanetchkin and The Kapodastrs, Sister Orly, Pete Um, The New Magic Raincoat, Opera Mort, Psoy Galaktionovich Korolenko, Fossil, Kruzenshtern & Parohod, Kathy Acker & The Mekons, Peter Christopherson.

Interjections & Overlays courtesy of: Diastolic Murmers (Richard Crow & Adam Bohman), Richard Crow (w/ Douglas Park).

Full detailed playlists with active links and archives:


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L'etranger.   1 comment

Check this.

L’étranger : Almost Every Tuesday on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, 17h00-18h00

Scuffed weirdness, messthetics, stumbling pop twists, anarcho junk, occulture cries and whispers, artcore presented by Kosten Koper

This is really good actually. It’s weird to hear my YouTube videos re-imagined as radio.

This week the good doctor Koper leaned heavily upon selections from some of the 692 videos to be found in Pete Um’s Cinema Of Truth. A postscript to avant-premiere in Aalst of the collectively made film Marcel, two weeks ago, where Pete played live as part of an expanded cinema version of the film (which he narrates).

Stumbled over and mixed up on the spot using whatever… contrary to what the ne-sayers propagate.

Play or download (mp3, 55mb).


1. Pete Um – Pissed In Brussels
from You Tube video
2. Forest Swords – Wild beasts Hooting Howling Forest Swords Rework
from web site mp3
3. Pete Um – Cornish Paranoia Trip Pt. 9
from You Tube video
4. Ono – O Jackie O
from Machines That Kill LP (Thermodor, USA) 1982
5. Luis Alfaro – Los De Los
from Internal Journey CD (New Alliance, USA) 1994
6. Go Genre Everything – EyccHypnoblab
from My Space, 2010
7. Gabor Altorjay / Bazon Brock – 1967 Tafel performance
courtesy of Dr. Kubin
8. Pete Um – Post Party Pete
from You Tube video
9. Observers Observing Observables – Germans Playling Foosball
from web site mp3, recorded 1981


Pete Um – Don’t Try Helium, Kids
from You Tube video

10. Church Of Raism – Crimes Against Pussycat
from LP (Creation Records, UK) 1989
11. Dennis Cooper – Hello In There
from Voices of the Angels 2XLP (Freeway, USA) 1982
12. Empty Rituals – Hardcore
from 7″ (Mental Assualt, USA) 1983
13. Pete Um – Salon Republika 9 (extract)
from Vimeo video
14. Muntu Ensemble – Flight (From The Yellow Dog)
from Muntu Recordings CD (No Business Records, USA) recorded 1977
15. Jack Brewer & Kava – Punk’s Not Dead
from Major Punk Statement 7″ (Carducci Records, USA) 1990
16. Pete Um – On The End Of The World
from You Tube video
17. Schizo – The Voyager (with Gilles Deleuze)
from 7″(Disjuncta, France) 1972
18. Alien Kulture – Culture Crossover
from 7″ (RaR Records, UK) 1979
19. Pete Um – Salon Republika 8
from Vimeo video


Nudge Squidfish – Marriage Vows
from 7″ (New Age, USA) 1982

Jeffrey Lee Pierce – Chris And Maggie Meet Blind Willy McTell At A James Brown Concert
from Wildweek LP (Statik, USA) 1982

20. Ora Pro Nobis – Track 12
from Demo Cassette (No Label, Czecheslovakia) 1982
21. Pete Um – Communication
from You Tube video
22. Etant Donnes w/ Michael Gira – Track 05
from Offenbarung Und Untergang By Georg Trakl CD (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier, France) 1999
23. Pete Um – Salon Republika 9
from Vimeo video
24. Stahlwerk 9 – Your Job In Germany
from Gloria Victis Vae Victis CD (War Office Propaganda, Poland) 2005


Gabor Altorjay / Bazon Brock – 1967 Tafel performance
courtesy of Dr. Kubin

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That’s like my entire oeuvre (starting to overuse that word, but I still have to Google it for the spelling every single time) summed up there.

Next sunday, 21.02.10, Pete Um will be the focus of our 21st siesta session. As a crooner of outer space he delights in cynical rants on life and love. DJ Kosten Koper (Radio Panik, L’étranger) will take care of the DJ duties this time. There should be a screening of a video of Merryl Hardt. Again, some fine surprises are waiting to be discovered …


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And this is the gig in Brussels on Sunday afternoon.


Um is the glint in Delia Derbyshire’s eye as she puts Kurt Schwitters and Julian Cope to the razor blade

Music/Arts – Performance
Sunday, February 21, 2010
3:00pm – 8:00pm
Les Ateliers Claus
15 Rue Crickx
Brussels, Belgium


21 February • 16:00 • 5€

Les Ateliers Claus, Crickxstraat 15 rue crickx, 1060 Brussels

LIVE: (on stage 16h00)

Pete Um (Gagarin Records, Germany)

EN / Although he comes from Cambridge, UK, Pete Um is a tape-poet in the range of great Neue Deutsche Welle artists, with sardonic humour and unreliable instruments. His love affair with tape recorders came to an end in 1996, when he bought his first synthesizer and came out of the closet as a singer. He then began to perform his weirdly short tracks, these electronic dadaist miniatures, full of the same kind of depressed mood Jarvis cocker used to share in his early times. Crooner from outer space, Pete Um believes in failure and accidents as some believe in love. He’s been applauded by eccentrics such as Ariel Pink and Felix Kubin.

Attempts to define his personality provoke his peers to phrases like…

…Um is an electro-dadaist pop star peddling audio anxiety and monomania from the digital kitchen sink
…Um is the glint in Delia Derbyshire’s eye as she puts Kurt Schwitters and Julian Cope to the razor blade
…Absolute belter of oddball proportions
…Hand picked to support Thom Yorke, 25th February 2010. So see him before he gets his collar felt by the Radiohead fed public.

FR / Pete Um est un poète de l’échec, un crooner sarcastique. Depuis toujours amateur de collages de bandes, il attendit 1996 et son premier clavier pour se révéler chanteur et performer. Humour britannique et provocation germanique se mêlent pour ces miniatures électroniques, ces morceaux bizarrement courts aux chutes étranges. Signé sur le label d’un autre excentrique, Felix Kubin, il appartient à cette lignée d’artistes inclassables, uniques et indispensables.



Merryl Hardt (FR)


Kosten Koper (Radio Panik, Brussels)

Dr. Koper first got into music after a stint in prison for stealing cars, when he should have been taking his final examinations, at the age of sixteen. On release, he had gained not only a life long fear of the police, prison food and crossing borders but turned into a recluse; staying indoors, collecting records, listening to music and dreaming of the day when he could grace the decks of Les Atelier Claus. He has an MA in Gender, Culture & Politics from The University Of London and now lives in Brussels where he animates the weekly show ‘L’etranger’ on Radio Panik, 105.4FM, makes films, and teaches the children of rich people how to spell.

His playlist for this session includes : Surface Mutants, Xiu Xiu, Scritti Politti, Little Girls, Tom Fazzini, Blue Sun, Vermorel, VK88, The Frogs, Inflatable Boy Clams, Chance, Jana Hunter, Poison Girls, Felix Kubin, Methodishca Tune, God Is My Co-Pilot, Human Sexual Response, Brian Eno a.o.

Also cheap bar and other Sunday oddities.

nb. Pete Um & Merryl Hardt are performing as part of the latest film involving Kosten Koper, ‘Marcel’, which premieres on 20th February, 20h30, Netwerk, Aalst.

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Further to my ruminations (good word that, just looked it up) about the potential pathologies associated with the development of the online persona I feel there may be a short film’s worth of a concept in the idea of a protagonist who, to all intents and purpose, exclusively exists online. I suppose it’s so commonplace as to be not worth mentioning, with many widely-read journalists etc who work at home and consequently have this bizarrely dualistic life of getting paid to inform tens of thousands about their broken dishwashers or whatever. I can feel myself slipping into that mode now, and it’s like dry humping or something. I guess I just had a sudden sense of how easy it would be for the public and the private to be seperate to such a degree that there might be some mileage in it for a plot. Some kind of Being There for the internet age. Anyway, what I’m trying to do is express my sense of disbelief (albeit with lashings and lashings of false modesty) about my appearance in the forthcoming Sensational documentary, coming, as it does, hot on the heels of my transgressive thespian dalliances in Ergo Phizmiz’s The Faust Cycle (I fucking hate the theatre, see. I’ve even got a song called Why I Hate The Theatre) and in a scarcely decent interval before my automatic Pete Um Google-search makes me aware of this:

‘Marcel’ Trailer (Belgium, 2010) from Kosten Koper on Vimeo.

But I'll do specific blogs on each of the above before long, presumably sat here in my pants.