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Pete Um speaks to Lektrogirl.   2 comments

Last night I went to meet The Brain (aka Pascal Puyo Puyo and Eva) in Camden. They were a bit late cos they had been hanging out with their pal Lektrogirl, whose first LP on Rephlex I once dubbed onto a cassette from Dans Mon Salon’s copy. I didn’t get to meet Emma but since the details of the rendevous got a little confused and we both have English as our first language I ended up having the following conversation with her on the phone:

(lots of street noise)
“Where are you?”
(lots of pub noise)
“Uh… we’re in The Elephant’s Head… it’s just back down Camden High Street. You should be able to see it from the Bridge. It’s opposite The Oxford Arms…”

Anyway, so there you are. I spoke to Lektrogirl. Here she is in action: