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More bird business. The other day Syd and I were walking up Gwydir Street and a woman with pursed lips cycling past issued a warning: “Watch out, there’s a crow up ahead. It’s a bit wild.” We continued in some trepidation, but were not attacked by the bird. I seem to recall that the artist woman on who lived on Gwydir Street had made pets of crows at some point, and I wondered if this had anything to do with it. Maybe it was a bit tame rather than a bit wild, or bore a grudge against people in general, and artists in particular.

The other night I had a bird dream. I was in a large wooden open-plan room or building like a barn, possibly on stilts, and I was in the company of a small bird that was due to lay an egg. For some reason there was no question in my mind that it was my responsibility to enable this to take place. The bird hovered at my shoulder or elbow at all times as I searched with increasing urgency for some sort of container to fashion a nest out of, and also a suitable location to put it in. Every plan I came up with revealed itself as inadequate in some way, and the bird was becoming frantic. The situation came to a head as I desperately placed a cardboard box in the centre of the room at the same time as some persons unknown entered by the door, and also as my real-life housemate appeared from the other direction and said something like “Ooh, is it a birdie?!” in an exaggeratedly animated manner. At this point the bird began to hover like a hummingbird near my housemate’s head as though in threat of self-defence, and I was moved to grab him by the lapels and raise the possibility of immediate violence upon his person if he continued to escalate the sense of tension in the situation. Then the bird flew to the ground and produced a small reddish egg on the bare floorboards, which I fell upon but saw to my dismay was broken. Another smaller egg was discovered elsewhere, also broken, and at this point I began to sob in anguish with my clasped hands raised towards the ceiling.

And then I woke up.

And you might as well have this too:

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