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Soft Bodies Don't Bleed   Leave a comment

I’m on this comp with all these other people I know! I know!

My effort:

£3 download or £5 CD. Cheap!

No-one.   Leave a comment

My favourite song off The British Public record now has a video crafted thoughtfully by Man From Uranus. This is it.


Some old friends and family in this spacerock allstars vessel. First track is a fucking cooker!


I think that’s right. Fuckloads on the bill but happy to be sharing it with John Wall etc before the warehouse come tumblin’ down.


Edit: that web address is wrong, as noted in comments below by eagle-eyed cineaste and former housemate Si Mullen. Brap!

Justin Bieber and his Beliebers   Leave a comment

Film-maker Adam Clitheroe has used an old piece of my music for this bit of pubescent heretical detournement. In fact it’s so old that the track appears to have no ambtions beyond trying to sound a bit like a Panasonic-for-your-pocket or whatever. Does lend a certain something for the footage though, so big thanks to Adam for using it.

I was always jealous of MFU for being in that film. Of course, what I’ve always said is that Phil’s biography needs a wider audience, and I meant to mention in that earlier post about Rob Kemp’s film that the spaceman was talking about doing an animation based on his earlier life, which is a concept of incandescent genius if you ask me.

Even Spacemen Hate Mondays   1 comment

More great music and drawings/animations from Rob Kemp!

Talking of spacemen and the cold-water shock of the week’s unpopular first seventh, Our Phil is playing with pals from The Doozer as Rock With Electronics tonight at Bad Timing tonight. I don’t think I can make it, so you’d better.

Past, Present, Future Lunch Time   5 comments

Think I forgot to post this before. Somewhat after the event then, but better late than never, I’m posting it NOW.

Pete UM @ PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME Sept 2011 by StrawberryShorts

See also, The Doozer!

The Doozer @ PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME Sept… by StrawberryShorts

More band interviews from the excellent Simon Mullen man with the movie camera here.

There doesn’t seem to be a NOCHEXXX video. Musta got lost or something.