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Too tired to even finish short blogpost about the Wyrd West but if I leave this magick picture of Loki’s Unicorn here then I’m sure it will come wake me in my deathly slumber, won’t it boys and girls?


*stirs groggily*

Ah yeah…

Belated congratulations to the Western Wyrdoes in this month’s Wire. I have a long list of unblogged things that I’m grouping under the New Baby excuse but it would be unseemly for me to suggest that writing a little something about Hacker Farm fits into that chronology. Anyways, suffice to say that to read the article felt like three or four goals for Team Nowhere (geographically-speaking, at least) and a few chords were struck. I’m particularly pleased to see “impossibly spritely” Kek’s face in there, as his nimble spirit has shone a warm and pathetically welcome light in these dark quarters more than a few times. Other than that it was good to have a cemented sense of what spurred Farmer Glitch to mend/make-do, mangle and manifest, and to be sorta introduced to Kemper Norton. Of course the whole piece was brought to life with openhearted word-surgery by benevolent culture-juggler Matt Woebot… if I myself had ever finished that fucking Hacker Farm piece it would have hinged on explicating a kind of shared value of unpretentiousness/creative honesty in the Farmers but also people like the man Ekoplekz, people who chase after/or are inspired by something with a genuine ardour, rather than cop a style, and use it as a jump-off point into the unknown. Finally though, the greatest thing about the Hacker Farm feature was Loki and the pony. I don’t even know why really, it just was.