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I love this. Pilar’s music is great and because she doesn’t give it enough love everybody else never gets the chance to wonder what the fuss isn’t about. She doesn’t take it seriously enough, and maybe doesn’t take things beyond that homemade, slightly throwaway feel. Then again I quite like that, as I would. I met Pilar in 2005 at my first gig in Hamburg. It was a tough one because although I can be a martyr to showbiz doctrine I had a really bad case of a no-show with The Zone due to some complicated negative synergy of elements fucking with my mojo (to be fair some of these were things like being tired, a bit scared and fuzzily inebriated). I tend to work best live when I feel kind of mean and mad, and that night I just felt terribly, terribly responsible. Anyway it’s usually pretty hard to pull out of a downward spiral in the middle of a gig but I was most definitely helped by a warm crowd and specifically a particular encouraging voice that only years later when uploading video of the gig to YouTube did I realise belonged to Pilar. After the show she blagged a Giraffe off me but since she was effusive in the manner of post-performance bullshitters of old I assumed it would just get sat on and broken on the U-Bahn. Not so, however, as it turned out she did have a radio show, she did my play my stuff, and later on she even devoted a show to me and some other auteurs of the international bedroom undergound, ha ha. In fact I have a plan to use that recording where she’s talking about me for an amusing video, but then I have plans for lots of things. But yeah, Pilar has done me innumerable other kindnesses including notably letting me stay at her flat twice & putting out the split 7″ on HomeRec with Miss Hawaii (still some copies left, I think…) but mainly I would like to flag up the fact that she is a fucking dude. Furthermore, and I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, but I think her music is perhaps the only other example of a specific aesthetic that I couldn’t put describe if I tried but kind of guides me in my fumblings. It’s to do with the process more than the outcome but there’s a kind of digital folksiness or something that I recognise, a patchwork quilt of things to hand. There’s always a lot of colour in it. Like, to me Giraffe is like the cover – warm yellows shot through with blue, whereas Pilar’s stuff is darker oranges and reds. Shit, what am I on about.

Amusing Pilar fact: I once jokingly accused her of having Gloria Estefan’s speaking voice and she informed me that she had been taught at school by Estefan’s mother!

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