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Thanks to Panarchist for including my stuff in this:

музыкальные итоги года
1. Musette – Drape Me in Velvet
scratchy dusty asthmatic elevator muzak for 2-story buildings

2. a) Pete Um – The New Album
b) Pete Um – Can’t Get Started
c) Pete Um – Babysitting the Apocalypse

Felix Kubin meets Peter Mamonov near the trashpile behind an abandoned
thrift shop in the middle of nowhere in the near future where
super-intelligent robot rednecks rule the universe:

3. Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor – Transfer/1-2-3-4

“…sound poetry and musical intersections focusing on the themes of
travel and transportation, viewed from a factual (side A) and fictional
(side B) perspective.” (also check out “Le Journaliste” (2009), one the
best albums of the previous decade).

4. Lonnie Holley: Just Before Music
outsider blues

5. Mac Demarco -2
detuned jangle pop

6. Starving Weirdos – Land Lines
earthy hippies encounter astral jazz and explode

7. a) Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
b) Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city
c) Chimurenga Renaissance – PUNGWE Mixtape:

(a year in hip-hop)

8. Fenster – Bones
gently dislocated boy-girl pop music, remake-remodel of Young Marble Giants

9. Markus Mehr – On
shimmering layers of orchestral samples sounding closer to My Bloody Valentine than to the nauseatingly
bland sort of “pop ambient”

10. Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux
not dissimilar to the most sober, quietest moments of Brigitte Fontaine & Areski circa mid 1970s

11. Serengeti – C.A.R.

12. Tenniscoats – Papa’s Ear

13. a) Gui Amabis – Trabalhos Carnivoros
b) Passo Torto – s/t (actually from 2011 but who cares)
c) Tom Zé – Tropicalia Lixo Logico
(a year in MPB, or 8th year without a new Arto Lindsay album)

14. Burnt Friedman – Bokoboko

15. Pumice – Puny

16. Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, And The Congos – Frkwys Vol. 9

17. Bisk – Memorabilia

18. a) Hospitality – s/t
b) TOPS – Tender Opposites
c) Hanne Hukkelberg – Featherbrain
(a year in chick music)

19. Köhn – Soulastalgia

20. Egyptology – The Skies

вне конкурса:
Swans – The Seer
Radio Klebnikov
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All hail Felix Kubin for sending out Um-shaped underground smoke signals towards mainland Europe.

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No matata.   5 comments

I was searching for BOP TV on YouTube cos I’ve got this small motherlode of stuff from the 80s on VHS that I really must get around to uploading some day soon and I found this and a whole load of other videos from Botswana. This clip in particular reminded me of all kinds of things, triggered by the tones and rhythms in the guitar playing and the way the drunken-looking woman dances. One day I ought to do a little film about how the music of this region moves me like no other.

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Dracula’s Lunch   2 comments

Dracula’s Lunch MP3

I believe this was first commercially available on the Um CD-R release “A Small-Scale Operation”, but correct me if I’m wrong. I think it might be from around the turn of the century, but I might be wrong about that too. Actually it might be post-2001 because I recall making it round Sam’s, which might indicate some concurrent weight of responsibility. The methods and equipment might also point to Um field operations, which fits the above scenario too. Anyway, I have a memory of lying on a white bedspread with a small Casio, most probably the PT-80, recording little phrases through a distortion pedal (Boss DS-1?) into my Sony MZ-R37 minidisc recorder. At a later date I sampled these recordings on Sam’s Windows 95-style technology and cut them into loops, and arranged this song in Audiomulch (some distant-past beta version).

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