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Nakamichi Taking   2 comments

Couldn’t resist buying a largely unecessary tape deck in Resale the other week, or bragging about it on YouTube:

Subsequently quite shocked to see some pisstake artist has uploaded some sort of parody of my serious hi-fi investigation!

The Unhaptic Synthesizer   Leave a comment

I note Our Dave, legalier trading as CHXFX at the moment, has a new album of synth atmosfears to give you the yips.

Only just noticed the description they give of Dave’s swim style in our grotty pond:

“Nochexxx is a crucial player in Cambridge’s incestuous underground scene, where zooted drone mystics (The Doozer) can be found in cahoots with with bedroom techno producers or Dadaist troubadours (Pete Um). “

Ha ha. OK.

In other CHX news, there’s a great interview with the man here.

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Sewing up avenues   1 comment

Colin Bobb


Pete Um
2 hours ago
Pete Um


Colin Bobb
2 hours ago
Colin Bobb



Pete Um
2 hours ago
Pete Um

You’re such a hustler


Colin Bobb
2 hours ago
Colin Bobb


Pete Um
2 hours ago
Pete Um

I tell you what, if I’m making one of my 1.5 minute disjointed beat classics and I think THIS NEEDS THE GODDAMN HEAVYWEIGHTER ON IT I’ll let you know in a flash.

Colin Bobb
2 hours ago
Colin Bobb



Pete Um
2 hours ago
Pete Um

Dude, I’ve got a record coming out soon so if that gets some press I’ll think about it because I’d love to have you on something.

Still love Smashing Your System…

Colin Bobb
2 hours ago
Colin Bobb




Pete Um
2 hours ago
Pete Um

really? I’ll mention that to Dave.

Colin Bobb
2 hours ago
Colin Bobb


LWE Podcast 111: Nochexxx   Leave a comment

Great interview + mix with my music brother Dave from our Cambridge Super-Ridic click. Thanks for including You Will Never Let Me Fall, from 1996, but also on the new Pete Um on Grist, available on Discogs (ha ha) but also here.


An Appeal   6 comments

Hey guys,

ha, floppy own-brand tortilla chips, peanuts and Lilt and vodka (just a very small medical dash for my damaged tropical child) for breakfast. Happy New Year. Can’t sleep so let my betters rest. A guitar string just pinged on the wall so I must be Accompanied.

I don’t know if you use Discogs but I do and I like it. I’m not one of those psychedelic revolutionaries that acts like a soul-smarm priest who’s pretending he hasn’t got anything in his underpants. I have baby, it’s here. I believe in the meta-fundamentals of the market. I believe in the Big Deal, it is holy to me. If a has it, and b wants it, then so be it and let’s haggle the fucker across. We are good creatures, don’t get me wrong, and people forget it and then get all pious when someone helps a brother out as if it isn’t written into us like hunger, violence and sorrow, but in that sense humans are alright and can’t help but help. Ants help ants, wolves howl for the chase, Biiiig Issue etc. Yeah, but fuck the Old Ways and Record Collector and that. My The Best Of Abba used to say £40 in the Book, but, uh, the internets is grease for human souls and the funny thing about capitalism, cos all human history is irony, is that which is finessed is also almost complete & thus over, man. What I mean is the web is The Final Auction, and that goes for eBay as much as Tahrir square or whatever. OK.

So, if you’re still with me, or ever were, then here is a racing tip for the lowest common denominator written on a peice of internet paper. Our pal Si, you shall know him by his name up there, has got at least one copy of Tripel 004 going at £2. Now I don’t cast aspersions on Simon, because of what I’ve said above, and because he is someone who both likes to live simply and also used to run an online shop, and since the two are incompatible the former will inevitably win out over the latter, thank goodness fror his sake. Tripel 004?, I hear you ask in your unripe foolishness, like dogs questioning the unlikely appearance of the Ace in the great fucking help of the sleight of hand! Well, way back when when there was no history of that to make a mad old man tell it like this now, yer Dave, my fucking Dave, in his Gold-souled wish for something more meaningful than what’s measured in money, stumped up for the Split. A thousand fucking pounds. Mastered by the fucking Faroe Goodiepal on a reel-to-reel (he says) according to his special specifications. Dubplates & Mastering. A picture disc. Designed by Animals On Wheels. Me half-cut in an amusment arcade in Padstow throwing it down like a Maori warrior or some PNG shit. It’s all fucking grist. Two Thousand & Five, Dave on the concrete tip, the audio derive through the raw tripped-out beauty of sound, where even TV cookshows can get souffled into something just-so that the absence of words leaves your dumb face in a squinch whilst your mind races for HELP. You know James Ferraro? Well, it’s not like that music-wise but it isn’t just the chefs. I feel this strongly. There’s a blankness, an overloadedness of symbols, that was in the recipe. Play the records side by side. Mix them together perhaps. And yeah, it’s half a giraffe of probably the best thing I ever did or will. I’m on Discogs, and you can buy the CD-R off me for not-a-penny-less than 5 quid, and it might be the complete thing, but that record is All Gold, solid fucking gold, and the only reason you don’t know it is because nobody told you, but I’m telling you now.

So, what I’m asking you to do, is please buy the record off Simon. I think the market value is more like £4.50, at least, so you’d be getting a good deal. We still live under a capitalist system, but this is a time of renewal, traditionally. Why not make it your first symbolic purchase of 2012? Please.



BT=10   Leave a comment


Tomorrow night folks, if you can.

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Rejected a lot of bad puns for the title of this post before deciding to use the name of the actual event. Why not, right?


Feels like an exciting gig, although I’m sure I’ve played with some of this lot before. Very pleased to have the Woebot (DJ) onboard. If he thinks he isn’t going to have me and Dave standing at the booth like question-asking twits he’s probably mistaken. Big up Jonny Mugwump – looking forward to it!



Press Release
July 2011

Wysing Arts Centre explores the legacy of psychedelia in this year’s annual
10 September 12noon – 12midnight

Taking its title from Albert Einstein’s theories of the fourth dimension, Wysing’s 2011
annual music event explores the legacy of psychedelia; from the emergence of the
term, through 1960s counter culture movements to contemporary art and music.

Psychedelia, which is derived from the ancient Greek words for ‘soul’ (psyche)
and ‘to manifest’ (deloun), is the focus of the day-long event that includes
live music, talks, performances, and screenings exploring utopian futures,
mind expansion and alternative models for living. Musically the event avoids a
retrospective interpretation of the psychedelia theme and focuses on a forward-
looking and wide-ranging line-up of electronic and hypnotic, improvised and
immersive music. The spectrum of live music performed on the day includes
electronic music, noise, dubstep, current psych-influenced hypnotic guitar music and
minimalist composition.

Specially created structures will house events across Wysing’s large rural site in
Cambridgeshire, UK including: Andy Holden’s Boulder Stage, created for the first
Wysing music festival last summer, Köbberling and Kaltwasser’s Amphis, and
a new structure by artist Giles Round which will reinterpret constructions from
architect Ken Isaacs’ book How To Build Your Own Living Structures (1974). Also on
site will be Constitution of the Damned, an exhibition programmed in collaboration
with Electra and curated by Fatima Hellberg and Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz.
Contributors to the event include artists Mark Essen, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Kate
Owens, Damien Roach, who are currently in residence at Wysing.

Musicians include Invisible Polytechnic Orchestra (Junior Aspirin Records:

Nathaniel Mellors, Andy Cooke and Dan Fox) who will make a durational performance
of Terry Riley’s In C, Alexander Tucker, Ashtray Navigations, Astral Social
Club, BK and Dad, Dead Rat Orchestra, Demdike Stare, Design A Wave,
Devilman (DJ Scotch Egg, Dokkebi Q, Taigen of Bo Ningen), Diagonal,
Disinformation, The Doozer, English Heretic, Man from Uranus, Maria and
the Mirrors, Nochexxx, Old Apparatus, Pete Um, Please, Preslav Literary
School, Raagnagrok Allstars, Transept, Simon Scott (ex Slowdive), 666
6 (Artists Phil Root and E Park), Time, and DJ sets from Marcus Scott
(Hyperdub) and artists Andy Holden & Ed Atkins. Other events include yoga with
Cheryl Sayers, tie-dye workshops with Lou Ruddell, artist talks including Liliane

Lijn and performance with artists Patrick Staff and Olivia Plender.


More artists and musicians being added all the time, for updates check here

For press and media enquiries and to request images, please contact
Lucy Wilson,, tel 07787 854468 or
(from 4th August) Cara Acred,, tel: 01954

PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME is programmed in partnership with Bad
Timing, Strange Attractor, Escalator Music and Electra.

Tickets start at £15 and can be booked here:

Or via We Got Tickets

Venue address:
Wysing Arts Centre, Fox Road, Bourn, Cambridgeshire, CB23 2TX
01954 718 881

Image credit: Damien Roach, Weave series collage #6, 2010

WYSING ARTS CENTRE shapes new ways of working in the arts and challenges
artists and audiences to re-think what is possible, often in partnership with each
other. In the last five years this approach has led to the creation of extraordinary
projects and experiences, and has made Wysing one of Europe’s leading centres for
the visual arts. With a large rural site comprising 10 separate buildings including
artists’ studios, educational and new media facilities, a gallery and project spaces;
with an ongoing and innovative artistic programme of events, exhibitions, retreats
and residencies; and with a number of key strategic partnerships in place, Wysing
Arts Centre is delivering a rich programme that is accessible on many levels to a
range of people.

THE INSTITUTE OF BEYOND is a series of twelve artists’ residencies based
within 3 research departments each lasting six weeks and culminating in a public
presentation. The institute is an informal educational model, experimenting with
methods of artistic research and production. Three departments have been created

within the institute focusing on wrong answers, psychedelic studies and overlooked
histories. The form the institute takes is actively defined by the work produced by
participating artists, researchers and practitioners whilst on the residency.

NOCHEXXX press: the square dance is abstract. It is so damn serious about rock-solid bass. Slightly psychedelic prevaricate Nochexxx.   1 comment

Loose Synths

The press release for the new Nochexxx 12” mentions that he has apparently ditched his computer in favour of an MPC and an old 8 track tape recorder, a bold move seems to have paid off, as the tunes are majorly fresh.

‘Charro’ is an unsettling mix of lo-fi computer game melodies and analogue basslines that shift and morph, whilst acid tinged pads tease themselves in and out of consciousness. ’Savage Herald’ is less obvious stylistically yet equally worth of attention. Nochexxx slows the tempo down and creates a vintage bleepy techno number that never quite settles right in the groove. Layered with flashes of musical colour and texture it’s a mile away from anything else I’ve listened to lately.

Released August 15th on RAMP. You can pick up a copy here

New faces: Nochexxx

Nochexxx Cambridge underground scene, one of the great talents of modern electronic music in the UK chicagóiak bass blends with the house and the Detroit electrójával. Due to the unique character immediately became kedvencünkké.

Nochexxx my olvasatomban the kind of writer, one who listens to music, and instantly the Better or all of them, or avoid them in the longer distance. First, the Wire was reading it, and even in spring, and then somehow forgot more to deal with it, so in time is the new Savage Herald / Charr’s bakelites, moreover, point to the Ramp issued which recently Ras G is returned with a new album (interesting anyway the relationship with this label, though probably for you is irrelevant: the early years I loved, and somehow turned away from him, and only recently discovered that in 2009, but especially in 2010, how much music was issued – astounding).

So here is the new number two, I prefer the Savage Herald comes in, because the abstract type of house, which is the square dance is abstract and may not necessarily be completely at rest at home listening to the people to feel included in the traditions of rotation. It is so damn serious about rock-solid bass and a slightly psychedelic prevaricate Nochexxx it sounds. And this is just about the first two minutes, I described the eight, while the remainder of the time, there are also drawing new and cool ideas, so the author does not confine itself to what is built at the very beginning. This is already the Charróra is true because, despite the openly Drexciya has resulted, it always changes the rhythm, and often goes techno electróból, now the end is a witty felpörgetése, no matter what a man. Made it a spectacular animated video clip:

Nochexxx – Charr

Otherwise, a half Chinese, half English Nochexxx face it, this time of writing but I’m the sixth man to lájkolta a Facebook page . If you can believe his words, it was influenced Ron Hardy , and this religion is good taste. Earlier – more precisely, from last year – is already two bakelites. The first Sensationallel got together, and the American rapper artist in a context in pushing the numbers first , like Theo Parrishexperiment with new directions, the other recording is good döngölős techno. Another tizenkétinchesidőtlenebb piece looks like an old samplerezhet numbers on it, while modern four dimensions fourth mask.The way of working and a sense of the sound is not far Actresstől and Zombytól. The analog synth and the old, thick sound lovers, I think you should listen to the music.

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