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Uh, this has practically started:


SPACE-TIME is an annual festival of art and music exploring alternate realities and possibilities, happening at Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge, UK.

SPACE-TIME presents AND IF IT WAS IT CAN’T BE IS; three stages of live music, spoken word performances, film screenings, artists’ stalls and activities for families.

Damo Suzuki Network / Alexander Tucker / Emptyset / Peepholes / Simon Scott / The Grubby Mitts / Maria and the Mirrors / Yola Fatoush / Ice, Sea, Dead People / Longmeg / Lustfaust / The Soft / Kelvox1 / Dan Tombs / Ypsmael / Octagon Court // Bruce Lacey / Mark Titchner / Sue Tompkins / Anthea Hamilton / Boyle Family // Peles Empire / Candice Jacobs / Patrick Coyle / Publish and Be Damned / Lost Toys Records / Project/Number / Bad Timing / SAVORR / Wysing Young Artists / Outpost Gallery / Banner Repeater / One Thoresby Street / Rowing Projects / Grantchester Pottery / Andy Holden / Heather Phillipson / Hotel Palenque / X Marks the Bökship / Sleeping Upright / Tom Hebdon / The Happy Chopper / Eva By Heart

Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn near Cambridge, UK, CB23 2TX. Wysing Arts Centre: facebook twitter festival hashtag: #spacetime12

SPACE-TIME: AND IF IT WAS, IT CAN’T BE IS is programmed by Wysing Arts Centre with support from Escalator Music, Norwich Arts Centre and Bad Timing and funded by Arts Council England.

I’ll be there, as it goes.

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Think I forgot to post this before. Somewhat after the event then, but better late than never, I’m posting it NOW.

Pete UM @ PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME Sept 2011 by StrawberryShorts

See also, The Doozer!

The Doozer @ PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME Sept… by StrawberryShorts

More band interviews from the excellent Simon Mullen man with the movie camera here.

There doesn’t seem to be a NOCHEXXX video. Musta got lost or something.



Press Release
July 2011

Wysing Arts Centre explores the legacy of psychedelia in this year’s annual
10 September 12noon – 12midnight

Taking its title from Albert Einstein’s theories of the fourth dimension, Wysing’s 2011
annual music event explores the legacy of psychedelia; from the emergence of the
term, through 1960s counter culture movements to contemporary art and music.

Psychedelia, which is derived from the ancient Greek words for ‘soul’ (psyche)
and ‘to manifest’ (deloun), is the focus of the day-long event that includes
live music, talks, performances, and screenings exploring utopian futures,
mind expansion and alternative models for living. Musically the event avoids a
retrospective interpretation of the psychedelia theme and focuses on a forward-
looking and wide-ranging line-up of electronic and hypnotic, improvised and
immersive music. The spectrum of live music performed on the day includes
electronic music, noise, dubstep, current psych-influenced hypnotic guitar music and
minimalist composition.

Specially created structures will house events across Wysing’s large rural site in
Cambridgeshire, UK including: Andy Holden’s Boulder Stage, created for the first
Wysing music festival last summer, Köbberling and Kaltwasser’s Amphis, and
a new structure by artist Giles Round which will reinterpret constructions from
architect Ken Isaacs’ book How To Build Your Own Living Structures (1974). Also on
site will be Constitution of the Damned, an exhibition programmed in collaboration
with Electra and curated by Fatima Hellberg and Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz.
Contributors to the event include artists Mark Essen, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Kate
Owens, Damien Roach, who are currently in residence at Wysing.

Musicians include Invisible Polytechnic Orchestra (Junior Aspirin Records:

Nathaniel Mellors, Andy Cooke and Dan Fox) who will make a durational performance
of Terry Riley’s In C, Alexander Tucker, Ashtray Navigations, Astral Social
Club, BK and Dad, Dead Rat Orchestra, Demdike Stare, Design A Wave,
Devilman (DJ Scotch Egg, Dokkebi Q, Taigen of Bo Ningen), Diagonal,
Disinformation, The Doozer, English Heretic, Man from Uranus, Maria and
the Mirrors, Nochexxx, Old Apparatus, Pete Um, Please, Preslav Literary
School, Raagnagrok Allstars, Transept, Simon Scott (ex Slowdive), 666
6 (Artists Phil Root and E Park), Time, and DJ sets from Marcus Scott
(Hyperdub) and artists Andy Holden & Ed Atkins. Other events include yoga with
Cheryl Sayers, tie-dye workshops with Lou Ruddell, artist talks including Liliane

Lijn and performance with artists Patrick Staff and Olivia Plender.


More artists and musicians being added all the time, for updates check here

For press and media enquiries and to request images, please contact
Lucy Wilson,, tel 07787 854468 or
(from 4th August) Cara Acred,, tel: 01954

PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME is programmed in partnership with Bad
Timing, Strange Attractor, Escalator Music and Electra.

Tickets start at £15 and can be booked here:

Or via We Got Tickets

Venue address:
Wysing Arts Centre, Fox Road, Bourn, Cambridgeshire, CB23 2TX
01954 718 881

Image credit: Damien Roach, Weave series collage #6, 2010

WYSING ARTS CENTRE shapes new ways of working in the arts and challenges
artists and audiences to re-think what is possible, often in partnership with each
other. In the last five years this approach has led to the creation of extraordinary
projects and experiences, and has made Wysing one of Europe’s leading centres for
the visual arts. With a large rural site comprising 10 separate buildings including
artists’ studios, educational and new media facilities, a gallery and project spaces;
with an ongoing and innovative artistic programme of events, exhibitions, retreats
and residencies; and with a number of key strategic partnerships in place, Wysing
Arts Centre is delivering a rich programme that is accessible on many levels to a
range of people.

THE INSTITUTE OF BEYOND is a series of twelve artists’ residencies based
within 3 research departments each lasting six weeks and culminating in a public
presentation. The institute is an informal educational model, experimenting with
methods of artistic research and production. Three departments have been created

within the institute focusing on wrong answers, psychedelic studies and overlooked
histories. The form the institute takes is actively defined by the work produced by
participating artists, researchers and practitioners whilst on the residency.