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Been miserable and disenfranchised and pessimistic today and making it all worse by researching Spiral Tribe on the net. One day in 1992 someone came round our house and asked us if we wanted to go to a free party and alas a combination of canedness, partied-outness and, if I’m honest, actual general gutlessness prevented me from gathering a few things and getting in the car and I have of course regretted it ever since, and I’m not given to regret either. It was Castlemorton, y’see. This book does a pretty good job of explaining the importance of that event in the context of Spiral Tribe and the wider movement they were a part of, even if some of us were barely aware of what it was we were a part of, let alone what we were missing. Anyway, I’m tired right now and I’m not going to do justice to this but what made a lot about what was interesting about the free party scene and its origins was the overlap with the travellers and the free festivals. And, according to this page on this site, my first festival was a particularly legendary one. Funnily enough Sam was at this too, or at least she was until shit got too weird with the acid and the head injuries and so on. I would like to continue and tell you how my school in southern Africa had a hippie from the Peace Convoy as a guest speaker, about how Spiral Tribe stole my headphones, and about another tenuous connection I have with Spiral Tribe, but none of them are particularly great stories and one of them in all likelihood isn’t actually true.

Hmm. All of this needs following up really…


Yeah, funny place to see Loop, but I was there. Oddly enough my Mum lives just down the road now, which was weird the first time I realized where I was all those years later. Not long after Treworgey I was at Torpedo Town, possibly 1990, and my Mum also later lived several miles from there too. Cosmic.