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A traitor to himself.   2 comments

Been posting a lot of stuf on my Tumblr thing recently, seduced by the simplicity of uploading or linking to pictures/video/text and especially the 1-audio-track-a-day allowance. I’ve just written a thing about a new track I did using the AdrenaLinn 11 (beat-synched filter FX amp-modeling drum box), which is one of these:


Yeah, Tumblr’s pretty cool, but no-one seems to use it yet. With this kind of net tech stuff I’m always sandwiched in the middle between the cool early-adopters who are pioneers of the form’s use and the lumpen mass of who finally get into it and then baubs on about it when it’s crushingly mainstream. And at that point, I’ll shut up.

Posted August 24, 2009 by peteum2013 in new songs, pete um

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