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Just in case you missed Nochexxx’s translation (presumably using an online translator thingy) posted in the comments box underneath the Hamburg interviewI’ll post it again here. I’m sure I said absolutely nothing of interest at the time.

is not now yet at all so for a long time ago that Mister Pete published the album “new Pressure” over on Gagarin record. And one hardly provides, stands themselves already the suitable label route before the entry door and the Britisher honoured completely Europe, for three concerts also Germany. In the course its we met Pete in Hamburg before the concert to a discussion over past, future and the role of the music in its life and the life of others. You are at present echo ill with ergo Phizmiz and on the Gagarin records Anniversary – route. How were the shows in Frankfurt and Berlin? Pete: That was really great! Even if always each appearance cannot be mad, in these cases was it like that. It makes also fun to be with both other volume on the way that is mad people and then brings sowas large joy. Do many people come to the concerts? Pete: In Berlin to the end many spectators were real! But the show began relatively so early, so that it is logical that the people needed one while, in order to appear itself there. In Frankfurt were still not in the comparison so many, but enough. The club, in which took place, in addition, was smaller a whole corner, therefore that was really acceptable. Did you play already once in Hamburg? Pete: Yes, that is already one while ago. But the public pleases me here much, that is a really interesting mixture from different humans in this city. Hamburg always particularly is. Does the music of your two route partners actually please you? Pete: In any case! Ergo Phizmiz know I already longer personally, therefore me its music was anyway already common and I always found it to super. Echo-ill I did not know before yet, but those also convinced me. Fantasti Live shows, full spontaneous elements, very anarchisch. Your new album “new Pressure” came out recently on Gagarin record. Can you tell us somewhat about it? Pete: The album consists partially of old and partially of completely new pieces, so that it falls me heavily to have there a neutral perspective drauf. But the plate looks beautiful! The Cover was arranged madly and I is pleased about the fact that the plate rauskommt with Gagarin record. Felix Kubin cobbled together the plate, made he the TRACK selection. Many my song are very short and it made certain that also some on the album found longer their way. The album would differently have felt with security, if I had made the selection. I am glad over the fact that he seized there me under the arms! And how the plate arrived in the public, review-technically…? Pete: Throughout positively! To a large extent the texts were rather short, but although, it did not participate one, which stamped “new Pressure” as failed. How was it added that you found your place with Gagarin record? Works for me somewhat unusually, since that is a German label. Pete: That came in such a way: Friends of me are Promoter and brought Felix, to who the label belongs, to Great Britain, in order to play there. And I was allowed to play the Eröffnungsshow for it in the evening and him pleased, what there I delivered. Thus it was added then that it brought me to Europe and organized also shows in Germany for me. And after we thought then a whole time long about an album, is it now so far that it could be finally published. Your music is relatively special. Which is more important for you: Humans reach, or even with that contently its, which one created? Pete: Naturally I would lie, if I said that it is not to me because of the heart that the music pleases also different humans than me. But if I would design it really to reach humans then I would convert that, which whispers the mass to me in the ear: Longer ones of song produce and konventionellere Songstrukturen create. Thus it is probably of both something. Is there a difference between the kind, how you make today music and how you made early music? Pete: I definitely constantly change. You learn your conception of the kind, as you want to make music, in the course of the time to it and change. But it is still the same operational sequence, it always was and remains probably always Rough& Ready. I read that you took up in former times only with Tape recorders. Was that, because you did not have other technical possibilities, or because the sound pleased you better? Pete: Both. My computer often fell, so that no other choice remained frequent for me, than changing back Tape recorders. But if you are then first times thereby, you notice also, how your music changes with the recording technology. The feeling is another, if you work with 4-Track-Tapes. That is a function, which assures to me much. Quick and spontaneous actions. And the sound is simply unmistakable, a mad sound. But if one works with the computer, then those of song have simply a better structure and one have a better overview of what actually makes there. On your homepage I saw that you are active as draughtsmen and writers also. Do you make something professional of it? Pete: Everything that I make in such a way, is like a large hobby. It would never ring someone at my door and to me to money for the fact would offer that I draw something for it. Would be beautifully, if that happens times, but at present is drawing simply a hobby for me, faraway any professionalism. And would you say that music making for you is also hobby? Pete: It does not make me no rich humans, I can of it not live, the music pays me a rent and no calculations. But it is simply a large fun. And so long it one makes happy, is only worthwhile. My life is not generally like a large hobby, I attaches importance on correct jobs. Even what vocational I make, brings me fun, therefore fits well into the raster. Everything clearly. Thank you for the interview! Pete: I have to thank! 

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