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When my man Andrew left for the States he bequeathed me about five rolls of printer paper, which he rightly figured I could absorb into the Um CD-R cottage industry, such that it is. Which is great, except that lately I’ve been stuck in some Sorcerer’s Apprentice-style nightmare where endlessly malfunctioning printers (surely the pre-eminent primadonna of computer peripherals) join forces in an axis of semi-inanimate evil with resolutely non-flat pieces of thick paper that have a surface texture that makes my skin crawl to frustrate and mock my amateurish efforts to make my creativity pay to some small degree.


It’s annoying though, ‘cos what with the free paper and the sourcing of some really stunningly cheap deals for ink and CD cases I’d be in a very strong position to clean up, or at least I would be if anyone actually bought the fucking things. Anyway, for the first time in a while, and at the aforementioned effort, there is a full complement of Bumskippers available if anyone is looking to fill the gaps in their collection.

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