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Gonzo WORM Mix for all birds!   2 comments

Thanks to the man Sascha Roth, who I owe several+ favours to at the last count, for including the full 1.10 mix of My Fatal Floor in this audio cloud-spaff.

Mixcloud Monday: Sascha Roth – WORM by Gonzocircus on Mixcloud

particulalry like the way it goes me>Tonetta>The Rebel, which is like some soundtrack to a Pete/Bobby/Dave/Phil wastemen wastedness episode.

The Chap   Leave a comment


Was just reading this thing about The Chap, who play The Citadel Of Dreams tomorrow night, Cambridge night people, and I saw they have included some very old Um in their mix, bless them. I don’t know how serious they are about this blacklist thing but I always think The Chap are the sort of band that should be in the top ten in a better world somewhere, or even this one. I like how they carry on with it too. Like, I don’t have the option of splitting up, but bands who stick it out for its own rewards are righteous.