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"Are you ready for a Green Paartaaay!?"   1 comment

Look out for the tall singer of short songs at the end of this vid. I’m really aggrieved because the day before the gig I went into Sally Ann’s and they had a pair of outsize Incredible Hulk green foam rubber hands which I considered buying as a stage prop for general Um use down The Portland or whatever but rejected the idea as contributing to the too much stuff problem. Then when I got home I suddenly imagined walking onstage at a benefit for The Green Party in front of 1800 people in these comedy fists, doing a power salute and enquiring whether they were “…ready for a Green Paartaaay!?” thought ‘Oh my God’ and rushed back to score them. Alas, like so many things in Sally Ann, you don’t get a second chance to think about it and the buggers had gone. They were only 80p as well.

Thanks to Andrzej Sosnowski for sending me the film.

Green Party Thom Yorke Gig 25/02/2010 from Andrzej (Dr Zej) Sosnowski on Vimeo.

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Here’s an idea for a script: On the edge of ecological calamity The Greens are swept to world government power on a wave of concern for the environment and for the survival of humanity in general. United by a common goal the world’s peoples work together to successfully avert catastrophe and for a time the Earth and humankind are bathed in a strange and wonderful new atmosphere of harmony and positivity. However, then the responsibility of power begins to eat at the idealism of the Green leaders and everything reverts to the usual dumb brutal bollocks in next to no time.


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I cut and pasted this from my Twitter page due to laziness. You have to read it from the bottom up.


Also recommend next time I’m first on the bill at The Portland as I reckon I will be full of mischief. 13 minutes ago via web
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Please send pyschic strength/goodwill/shamnic power cos Corn Exchange is 1800 capacity and that’s a big step up for me. 18 minutes ago via web
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Talking of which, here begins 48 hours of quiet contemplation and the ritual consumption of mint tea. 24 minutes ago via web
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Ah, I’m wasted in real life, me… 26 minutes ago via web
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Me disguised as Robert Kilroy-Silk but with the libidinal stagecraft of a young Iggy Pop… 32 minutes ago via web
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Dave would be up the front, both fists in the air, some gnarly hard-panned reel-to-reel shit bouncing round the Corn Exchange… 35 minutes ago via web
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I certainly wouldn’t doing the cheesy Greatest Hits set I’ll be nervously performing on Thursday. 37 minutes ago via web
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Mind you, I’d have probably still done it for UKIP. Think of the grist possibilities of that one! 39 minutes ago via web
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After all, I didn’t get where I’m not today without having principles! 41 minutes ago via web
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So all I can say is it’s a bloody good job Thom isn’t UKIP innit? 42 minutes ago via web
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But anyway since then I have always voted for The Greens, hand on heart, albeit thinking of it as a sort of protest vote in a sense. 43 minutes ago via web
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It was a long time ago. The world was very different then. Thatcher was in power, for starters. about 1 hours ago via web
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I don’t remember voting Labour but I have to accept that it is a possibility. about 1 hours ago via web
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I was a lot less idealistic when I was younger. about 1 hours ago via web
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Now I am haunted by the possibilty that I may have voted Labour in a local election in Surrey in the late-80s. Conservative stronghold obv. about 1 hours ago via web
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And so I only found out that it was for The Greens when it was announced on the Radiohead site. about 1 hours ago via web
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So I agreed to do this T. Yorke benefit shindig without knowing what it was for. Used to doing benefits for inarguably worthy causes… about 1 hours ago via web
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If you want to see me on the 25th I’m afraid it’s going to cost you £32. Also, apologies to anyone who plays guitar.