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Spin, spin!

Yes, the cheapest place on the net to buy the rarer-than-fuck 100FTW vinyl edition The New Album isn’t even on the net, if you’re a localist! It’s Mill Road’s most brilliant general ‘n’ electrical emporium of bits & bobs H. Gees! Ten quid! And, as much as I chuckle at seeing in the window, it would be great if it wasn’t there one day…




Many thanks to matey at Gees for his kind indulgence of my tedious folly or whatever.

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Hope Kek doesn’t mind me shortcutting the conceptual purity of the original thang but if Jo Mouse gets any fatter she’ll have that baby and we always have to mumble Kubin’s mantra:





I had this dream the other night that Kek put on a No-Wave fest in Yeovil called No-Ville. I actually did.

Thanks again man.

He’s here:

and elsewhere too. Has great ears, I like to think, and always ahead of a curve you haven’t even heard about.

And in case you can’t see that, because I barely can:



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Oh yeah, caught up in the self-love of the post the other day about getting the big-ups from Ekolad I neglected to add an additional straw on the camel with this mix he’s done, featuring Mortal Song from Can’t Get Started in some illustrious company innit…

Love that pic of Nick.

And he’s a such a Discogs dog he’s even added my new record to the great database in the sky, which if you’ve never done it is a bit of a pain so much appreciated again dude!

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Ha, today I’m standing outside the pharmacy in Fulbourn with the dude I’m working with, watching the rain piss down and waiting for it to stop doing so, and against support-worker protocol I have a sneaky look at Twitter, and even though it isn’t @peteum the first thing I clock is this:


Now, aforementioned supported-chap has occasional epileptic episodes that manifest as him trancing out and repetetively rocking his body and repeating a phrase with some vigour, and one of these hits him as we’re standing there, but because I’m so seduced by the above bizarrely out-of-context affirmation of my obscure genius in tiny text on my mobile device, my perception is wholly tunnelling down towards that, and not-at-all focusing on my immediate surroundings. Therrfore it actually takes me a little while to realize that there is actually a Real Life, and that it is someone in it right next to me saying the words:


And then there we both are, suddenly readjusting to what passes for our respective realities.

Anyway, not written by the man Loki himself but occasional contributor/Twitpuppet Ekolad, the guy that makes all those records, and had the improbable industry in him to write:


Not enough people seem to be aware that Pete Um is a musical/lyrical genius.

And he cooks a mean goat curry.

Buy this record.

There’s a only a 100 copies.

One day everyone will realise what a genius Pete Um is, and then your record will be worth loads of money and you can sell it, pay off the mortgage, take early retirement, etc.

Everyone will be a winner.

Yes, one day, we will all be winners…

Not sure about the genius or the mortgages, but the curry is unassailably amazing and I do stand by the scarcity value argument also. And thanks Nick!

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Norman's Brian's Psychiatric Assessment   1 comment

Bless Brian at Norman for taking the time to sum up the Um sound or whatever.

He gives The New Album 5 stars and sez:

There’s not many British eccentrics as wonderful and awe-inspiringly mad as our Pete Um. His scattershot irreverent prose, weirdo-raps and surrealist sound-sculptures are pretty distinctive, I feel, and have a place in the marginal DIY art performance world inhabited by anyone from Ergo Phizmiz to Felix Kubin or The Rebel. I cannot easily start dissecting this gibbering new record of his. It’s like trying to psycho-analyse what goes on in David Shrigley’s head but with more LSD and gleeful irrelevance involved thus making the task a head-hurtingly impossible one.

This crazy man produces ace junk shop electronic pop/cabaret gems with more life, humour and imagination than is decent for such an endeavour, he really doesn’t give a fuck, man and I love him a great deal! I wonder if there is actually a book around in the inky-sphere with some of his writings in, he never floods his music with too many syllables and seemingly ad-libs, mutters, croons or freestyles rather than merely narrating. From lo-fi hobo gutter grooves to sinister, warped Jam-like head-fuckery, this is one mentalist journey that will leave you some place between delighted, terrified and perplexed.

Cheers mate. Hope you sell them!


Pete Um Bandcamp   2 comments


Dave was telling me I ought to sort one of these out, and he was right. Should have the vinyl for The New Album ready soon too.

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Bless Dave he’s got round to sorting out the oft-threatened selectation duties for a new Um release, cos he reckons he can do the honours better than me or anyone else. Last week he sent me a 22 minute mix saying it was more or less definitive but last I heard (yesterday) he was on about a 3XLP! Anyway he sent some documentation pix to illustrate his dubious labour. Any you don’t recognise?






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