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A relational outburst of Groupe L'etranger.   Leave a comment

My man in Brussels has been good enough to include some of my spuzz in his outburst here:

L’etranger, Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels

Every possible Tuesday 21h00- 22h00 (CET).

Quixotic: adjective : exceedingly idealistic ; unrealistic and impractical : a vast and perhaps quixotic project.

A relational outburst of Groupe L’etranger.

Show #258, 31st July 2012

The elements scrambled: JD Zazie and Anton Mobin, Pete UM, DDV, Necklacing, Underrated Close-Ups, Lepke B, Garbage Patch Traitor, Nacho Knees, Johnny Scarr, April Larson, Leerstukken van de Stalinitische School, Kremlin, Astma Tom Smith, Vom Grill, Lieutenant Caramel, The Tobacoonists, Schizophasia, Harry Merry, Christian Galarreta & Karl Schmidt, Keith Rowe, Woebot, IOSS, Eric Duyckaerts, Rainier Lericolais.

Interjections & Overlays courtesy of: Flutator, The London Sound Survey, JD Zazie and Anton Mobin, John Zerzan.

Full playlist with active links to artists is here: