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Stasis on the brink.   Leave a comment

It’s a bit weird round here at the moment. I got offered a council flat and my hard disk died on the same day, and even though the former is fantastic news the blow of the latter has stunned me into some numb kind of equilibrium. I think the idea of moving out of the place where I’ve been since 1996 into the first place of my own is messing with my head a bit anyway. I’ve also had to take loads of annual leave and instead of preparing for the mammoth task of transferring the museum of junk I’m sat within to a new location I’ve just been in a computerless haze of suspended animation, like there’s a bad sector on the drive that contains my operating system. I feel like I’m in the little canoe on the calm stretch if river before the waterfall. Plus the weather has changed and the co-op is changing gear into summer mode and I can hear coughing and some fool is playing Leftfield. At this moment I’m waiting for a girl with dreads to wake up so I can borrow the laptop with Linux that she’s borrowed off Steve to see if can get the last few chunks of data off the dying drive before I phone Andy’s Computers (“Your Voodoo – Our Nightmare!”) and talk about components and money and time and favours. My goat curry is extremely tasty, but it isn’t a bargaining position or payment in kind, but merely an acknowlegment of someone else’s charity. Currently I also feel defensive and wounded because I got myself into a stupid argument on Facebook with a schoolfriend who I haven’t set eyes on since the 80s. He thinks I’m a bludger who makes shit music and I think he’s an unwitting cheerleader for evil and we may both be right.

Fuck. Laptop is not having it.

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Voodoo war report.   1 comment

Battling with the old foe here. Thought I’d been dealt a fairly serious blow but my man Steve and his old Linux laptop gained an edge at the last moment when most hope was lost. As I type my hard disk seems to be dying again on my desktop but fingers crossed I have been extremely lucky to save a lot of shit I thought I’d lost. When it died the first time it looked like this:

So, I dunno, new hard disk and then what?

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Proceed to checkout.   5 comments

Some things that have come my way recently. Since I’m too stupid to post multiple pictures with accompanying text in the right place you’ll have to guess which is which. Clue: they are not mixed up.

Edit: Having some voodoo problems finishing this post so I’ll just leave it as it is for now. There was meant to be more.

+Poetry in French
+Lesbian LP.”Feminism is the theory; lesbianism is the practice” says a quote on the back.
+ “Indo-Jazz Fusions” – John Mayer & Joe Harriott. Left the £1 price sticker on that one.
+ “Jazz Carnival” – Azymuth. Proper funk-bore gear.
+ Terrorism commemorative record with sermon.
+ Accompanying propaganda 7″, which is utter priceless grist. The black American soldier has a really camp voice, lisping wholly unconvincingly about his dear love for Rhodesia, and the white soldier stiffly relates how he “played with young blacks” as a child.







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No-one Calls Me Anymore   Leave a comment

Problems with my phone.

I’m on my third ever mobile phone, a fairly old Nokia, and it is starting to become a less-than-useful communications device.

The socket where the power lead goes in will only receive a charge if the phone & lead are placed in a just-so way, and sometimes not even then.
Sometimes my phone will only register a text when I touch the phone.
The loudspeaker function comes and goes at will, which is not good in certain situations.
Very occasionally and very randomly people who call my phone are informed that “this number is unavailable”.

I don’t know anything about phones, but I know I need a new phone.

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Microscopic God   Leave a comment

Lyrics to an old song:
Because the microscopic lord’s in the mouse
Because the omnipresent game is what’s about
Because the dust in the bricks of your house
Is a piece of God that waits while you are out
Because the spit on the tongue of a dog
Even the poison in the rain forest frog
Are fractions of a good and natural God
Even the shit upon the drug dealer’s shoes
And the crack that he sells to the youth
Are a section of a universal truth
It’s a section of a universal truth

Seems respectful, but a bit cheeky at the same time.

I’m not religious innit? I’m an existential comedy shaman, but I keep an open mind. The purest expression of skepticism is to believe that anything might be possible. When people say there is no God it sounds like vanity to me, or hubris as Richard Brown used to say in his Suffolk accent. But when people talk about their God it sounds like mumbo-jumbo.

I beleive in voodoo though. I just had to restart my computer because when I clicked on the “back” arrow on my browser it asked me where I wanted to save the page, and when I closed the browser and tried to reopen it using a shortcut it told me what properties the application had. Now that’s voodoo.

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