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Just wanted to big up the…

*turns off very hectic live Weather Report, realizing it’s entirely the perfectly wrong thing to try and compose something about what’s good about CAA*

…uh, dudes at Cyland Audio Archive  for not only for releasing something of mine that I’m almost limitlessly chuffed came into being, but also doing the same-thing-but-differently with loads of other artists in a manner ‘n’ mode that seems almost fiendishly designed to tickle the aesthetic of self-styled weirdo noise-botherers and hep record-Jonesters alike, and I say that like it’s a bad thing!

I dunno, in 2013 I got to have a release described thus:

 Two 7.5″ polycarbonate squares 3mm thickness with lathe cut. Cutted on american vintage lathe from 50s using soviet tube amp. Silk-screened antistatic sleeves with handwriting. Numbered. Playable on any turntable. Monaural.

I mean for a certain type of musician this is a bit like going on Top Of The Pops.

And the press was great too:

The use of amateurism
and error as a means
of composition characterize
the art of Pete Um.
It is important to understand
that to be able to appreciate
Pete’s work for CAA.
His off-kilter methodology
and stumbling attitude is still
present, but it’s drenched
in an abrasive and tape-hissy
Worth it alone
for transmutation.
Here are the most intricate
drones one has ever heard,
analog meditations on life,
anxiety, and death, bringing
an incredible depth
to what could have been
a very flat sound, tape hiss
clear as day with the distant
warbles and close ripples
sounding as if they’re inside
your head, immaculate dreams
filled with soft synths,
galvanic and calming
on so many levels, the silence
is anything but, embedding
the slightest shred
of suddenness into every
next moment, and going full
on lumpy euphoria
in the most restrained way,
a heaven we never knew existed
and never want to leave, this
is masterful in its
strange beauty, a perfect
goddamn record.

So yeah, I know they’re fancy things and Petersburg may seem a distant place and you don’t necessarily have any space in your section for lathe cuts at the moment but check the URL because there’s mountains of great polycarbonate shizzle therein.


And I was only listening to Weather Report to check the condition yeah? Fine musicians though they are.